Motion Capture: The Technology That Makes Work Easy For Animator

Motion capture also known as MoCap is a way you can digitally record human movements.

The recorded motion capture data is mapped on a digital model in 3D software example 3D, Maya or 3D Studio Max.

Here the digital character and the moves of the actor is captured and is recorded for visual enhancement.

Motion Capture Maac Kolkata

The MoCap technology is used in the entertainment industry mainly for films, games, advertisement to get more realistic human movements.

Well lets Close our eyes and go back and back in time.  Remember Picture Jar Jar Binks or Polar Express, movies that put the “Uncanny Valley” on the map?

The technology like motion capture (mo-cap) has laid its seeds from there only.

From there to now, the technology has not only advanced but had a huge leap, where we can see the relevance of motion capture from Lord of the Rings’ Gollum to Avatar to The Avengers’ Hulk.

Motion Capture Maac Kolkata

Now let’s understand which field we use Motion Capture?

Motion Capture is used in the following field:-




Video Games


Feature Films



Security and Defence

The benefit of optical motion capture software and systems used in computer vision which helps  – the digital images to process by software to identify objects – in order to track motion.

Typically, an array of video cameras is connected to a computer running specialized software.  The strength of such technology is accuracy, reliability and speed followed by it can capture large volume.

Motion Capture Maac Kolkata

Only problem one faces to work on such platform is one has to spend extensive time to build the setup of the shoot. And none the less the optical data requires extensive post-processing time.

The hardware incurred is also very expensive. One cannot capture motion when markers are occluded.

Now –a day’s Modern Marker less Motion Capture Technology uses the techniques of No Markers – Markerless motion capture systems use advanced computer vision technology to identify and track subjects without the need for any special suits or markers.

To accomplish this, advanced algorithms are used, especially when the expectation is to track motion in real-time.

No Setup Time – Because no special suits, markers or equipment are required, subjects can simply step into the capture volume to begin tracking.

Motion Capture Maac Kolkata

Benefits – This means that animators and game developers can capture more accurate motion data in less time, and for a much lower total cost.

It also makes many clinical and research applications much more practical. Because there is no special setup required, it is easier to track the motion of children or people whose condition makes the application of special suits difficult.

The difficulty, however, is implementing accurate tracking algorithms that perform well enough for real-time use, without the aid of markers to provide hints to the software. This capability is the core of Organic Motion’s technology.

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