Interesting Facts Behind The Special Effects & VFX In “Baahubali”

Baahubali the most expensive and talked about movie of the year 2015 came into limelight due to intense performance delivered by its multi starrer cast and its world class Special Effects and VFX. The most expensive motion picture Baahubali owes its success to the team of artists of a new born studio in Hyderabad called Makuta.

Special Effects and VFX

Makuta was able to paint larger than life pictures of Baahubali which consisted of 90% computer generated imagery and graphics,along with around 5000 VFX shots.

Special Effects and VFX

Special Effects and VFX








The periodic drama of medieval India was portrait with gigantic kingdom of Mahishmati, with its massive landscapes , courtyard , temples , huge mountains and epic battles.

Pete Draper and his team magically created the stunning 1500 feet waterfall where Prabhas the protagonist climbs the mountain. The scene was actually shot at Athirappilly Falls in Kerala and every single was converted into a spectacular event with the help of computer graphics by Makuta.

Special Effects and VFX

Special Effects and VFX





The minimal sets of huge temples and landscapes and breathtaking war sequences were digitally extended and replaced to give it a soul.

Apart from Makuta another Hyderabad based studio Firefly Creative Studio digitally created war sequence with huge armies and animals.The bison in fight with Bhalladev was created by Kuala lumpur based Tau Films using CGI.Special Effects and VFX

Rajamouli’s  Baahubali was able to nail it right because the team started its homework on special effects a year ahead. Most of Baahubali was developed in Hyderabad by local talented artists in India.

Success of Baahubali proves that India has no shortage of skilled talents. If the motion pictures give ample time and investment for post-work a profitable reap is guaranteed .

Special Effects and VFX

Special Effects and VFX








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