Traditional Animation Production Process (Part 2)

The animatic that we have discussed so far, once approved and finalized by the director, goes on to the next step in the pipeline. From here the process of animation begins.

animation kolkata

In the traditional animation process, the animators start sketching the different sequences of the character movements on special types of transparent paper, known as celluloid sheets.

Hence sometimes this process of hand drawn animation is also known as cel animation. The different panels of the storyboard are closely followed during this drawing process.

animation kolkata

These sheets are perforated to fit the peg bars on the desks. The peg bars keep these sheets fixed to their position. The drawings are often being done using the colored pencils or ink. Each of these drawings is referred to as frames, and the drawings are done one frame at a time.

The animation desk can be a light table, which help an animator to see the previous drawings while making a sketch of a character pose.

The layout guide is used by the key animator to draw the key poses of a character in a scene. The sketches done by the key animator cover the major points of action in a sequence. Timing is an important factor over here.

The frames drawn by these animators must match the sound sequence exactly as and when the frame will appear or else there will be a mismatch between the visual and the soundtrack which will distract the audience…Read More


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