Why to join 3D animation course? Here are scope and benefits.

Career in animation is a new trending career for the creative people. Animation is a combination of art and technologies. Moving images are created in 2d and 3d to entertain viewers and users. Animation is all bout creating images.

It’s a specialized technique to be learnt in a proper manner from an animation college. MAAC Kolkata is one such college that offers animation course. Through this course it attempts to teach students in areas of both 3d & 2d technologies enabling them to have a comprehensive knowledge on this subject.

Scope of animation

Animation is used in various sectors like IT and entertainment industry. It has contributed much to the development of attractive multimedia & graphic images used in movies, cartoons etc. Those with drawing skills and creative thinking can build up a strong and attractive career animation. They can work as Animator, graphic designer, video editor, 3D modelers, visual effects supervisors, sound editor, character animators and layout maker.

Animation is about freedom of expression in ways of visuals. It gives you the opportunity to express your ideas in the most fascination or weird forms. Thus animation allows you to combine your creativity with technologies.

Future of animation

Animation is an integral part of entertainment. Students completing 2d & 3d animation classes successfully are in for a vast opportunity to test their skills & knowledge.

Not only entertainment, advertising is one area where animation is used extensively. Most of the attraction commercials are handiwork of brilliant animation techniques. Both 2d & 3d techniques are used in creating television or web based commercials.

We hope the above article helps you clear all your doubts about animation.
Source: http://maackolkata.blogspot.com/

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