Maac Chowringhee Made My Dream Come True- Amiyo

Interviewer: Hi Amiyo, firstly heartiest congratulations for getting your first job with Trace VFX . Going further, we would be happy to know about your qualification and what all projects you handle at Trace VFX?

Amiyo: Hello Sir, thank you so much, I am very happy to be here and glad to get this opportunity to convey my feelings after getting my first job. After completing my Higher Secondary, I could wait no longer to join Maac Chowringhee for learning about the most fascinating subject- The VFX.  Today I am happily working as a Roto Artist at Trace VFX.

Interviewer: Wonderful! You have got a very decent and promising job. So how it feels like?

Amiyo: I feel myself very lucky to clear the interview in a single shot. Trace VFX is a good place to learn and grow. Here working environment is also good.

Interviewer: Amiyo, why did you choose VFX as a line of career, event after completing your HS, you could have gone for higher studies?

Amiyo: As I have already told you that VFX fascinated me since my childhood. To learn about effects always craved in me. It would attract me whenever I watched any Hollywood scene with visual effects.  I wanted to make my career in VFX that is why I did not go for any higher studies.

Interviewer: Why MAAC Chowringhee, what was the reason that you picked it over several others present in your own city?

Amiyo: I have visited many institutes in the city, still could not find a centre as good as MAAC Chowringhee. Especially the awards displayed and infrastructure at MAAC Chowringhee attracted me much…Read More


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